Ian Somerhalder attends the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards (Aug 16)

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder MTV Live Interview (x)

Nina Dobrev on stage of the 2014 Teen Choice Awards


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Charge(s): Nina Dobrev arrested for disorderly conduct (flashing her boobs to incoming traffic from the top of a bridge with other cast mates from vampire diaries)

nina dobrev // nylon magazine

@iansomerhalder: Shooting #VampireDiaries Season 6 Promo material on a Sunday afternoon in Atlanta with these familiar faces-This is all because of you all. If you didn’t watch this wouldn’t happen… Thank you to all of the fans aka our audience.

During our interview with Paul Wesley, Ian came and stuck his finger in Paul’s ear and Paul called himSon of a Bitch" - (x)

The Vampire Diaries cast Entertainment Weekly Comic Con Portrait 2014 

Damon Salvatore text style (part 1) : inspired by (x)

Let’s Be Cops Movie Clip x

Nina Dobrev for Nylon Magazine // August 2014.

The Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Bonnie and Damon’s Comic-Con Plea [x]